Gen Lashaw


Gen lashaw



Enlisting in 1943, Mrs. Lashaw was assigned to the PX at Camp Lejeune where she sold cigarettes and day to day merchandise to her fellow Marines. One weekend, she was invited to attended a Marine/Navy football game with a group of friends. As she scaled the steps and found her seat, an internal voice told her to cheer for the Navy team despite her current commitment to the Corps. Every time she clapped, the Marine sergeant seated to her side would send a good natured elbow jab her way. When the game ended and Gen descended the bleachers, the Marine sergeant gave chase. “Are you French?” he asked. “Yes,” Gen replied. “Well,” he said, “that makes two of us. What’s your faith?” Thinking her reply would send him running, she paused and said, “I’m Catholic.” “Well, that makes two of us.” he again replied. Just three months later, that Marine, just back from two years overseas, would ask Gen to marry him. They would go on to have four daughters and spent 64 years together.